Alfasud Sprint 6C Centro Tecnico

An unofficial curated compilation of resources dedicated to the elusive Alfa Romeo Sprint 6C prototype.

Breaking news

I am very excited by a recent find. It appears the original Sprint 6C prototype still exists today. I have received photographs revealing that it's currently stored in the basement of the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese.

Based on the photographs, it's clear it been sitting neglected for some time. Probably the most exciting revelation is the fact it does indeed have an engine installed, however it may be non-functional as the original prototype was never seen in motion.

Look at the new photos and draw your own conclusions.

Recent updates

  • I have received some never before published information and photos, thanks to Marco Fazio of Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo (Arese, Milano). The new information reveals previously unknown traits of the initial prototype, widening the gap of differences with the later prototype.

  • The gallery has seen a massive update. It not only contains loads more images, the official images are now all in high resolution.

  • Exciting news, the gallery now contains the first photo revealing the underside of the car. Please contribute more photos like this.

If you have any information, images, videos, stories to share about the Sprint 6C, please contact me.